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At this point in time, four partners make up JELÍNEK & Partners. They work together and support each other in their managing the law firm and in the company providing legal services to clients. Furthermore, so-called office leaders also form part of the team. Office leaders are highly qualified lawyers specialising in all principal branches and fields of law. Our well coordinated team also includes very experienced employees, who are meticulous in what they do. These include lawyers, trainee lawyers, specialised personnel and professionally qualified administrative personnel without whom no law firm this big in size could properly function. We cooperate very closely with tax and economic consultants, professional private detectives and other specialists; they have become an integral and inseparable part of the law firm considering the permanency and voluminosity of cooperation. The team as such, and every team member, follow uniform procedure and promote mutual harmony in finding solutions to all client cases; this applies both within the law firm and outside of it.

In view of an extensive acquisition of clients from the Hradec Králové Region, JELÍNEK & Partners has extended its place of business also to the historical centre of Hradec Králové. In so doing it met clients’ wishes to have the law firm nearby and, at the same time, it thereby dispersed its distinctive and friendly system of rendering legal services to yet another respected town in the East Bohemian Region. JELÍNEK & Partners is an open and cultivated law firm that is prepared to render quality legal consultancy to present as well as new clients within the Hradec Králové Region.

The law firm provides first-rate legal consultancy and services to its clients in Czech, English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian.

Given its very wide base of clients, it provides legal services all over the Czech Republic. As an all-round law firm we provide legal services and consultancy in all fields of law and we offer our clients not only comprehensive legal services, but also the arrangement of constituent legal acts and we can draw up statements and compile analyses of the legal impact and risks associated with the activities legal and natural persons engage in in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to its past and its roots, JELÍNEK & Partners stands for a traditional Czech law firm that renders its services to prominent clients in both the private and the public sector.

Absolute discretion, loyalty, above-standard protection of information and the willingness to provide legal services to clients also outside of regular working hours goes without saying.

Find out more about our fees in what regards legal services, incurred costs and the reporting of services rendered.

JELÍNEK & Partners particularly specialise in Business Law. We not only cater for regular services associated with business obligations, contentious administration and standard corporate needs, but we also focus on the transformation of business corporations, company group law and the foundation of offshore companies. The law firm also provides comprehensive services associated with the administration of public contracts, including legal support in awarding above-limit public contracts. We also ensure support to clients in their expanding into the Russian market and we provide consultancy to Russian entrepreneurs in regards to their entering the Czech market. In delivering Business Law related legal services, JELÍNEK & Partners addresses the needs of a large corporate and institutional clientele.

JELÍNEK & Partners also holds a very significant position when it comes to providing legal services regarding Criminal Law. Thanks to long-standing experience in defending clients, particularly in property and economic offences, our clients come from all over the Czech Republic and are a great many. JELÍNEK & Partners represent, long-term, several clients appearing in cases that are being dealt with by the special services of investigative, prosecuting and adjudicating bodies, which customarily demand a specific and very thorough approach to defence. It goes without saying that JELÍNEK & Partners provide legal services in the individual fields of the branches of law, i.e. Healthcare Law, Employment Law, Civil Law, Administrative and Administrative Infractions Law, Family Law and Constitutional Law. We also arrange lectures for law firm clients and engage in publishing.

JELÍNEK & Partners is a stable and strong player on the advocacy field and it is determined to continue to persistently consolidate and strengthen its influence and power.

You can use the contact form should you wish to contact us. After sending your inquiry, you will be contacted by an authorised lawyer who will discuss the financial terms and conditions of the legal services you require and provide you with further information.

Catering for the needs of Russian clientele and clientele focused on the Russian market

JELÍNEK & Partners is a strong law firm that renders quality legal services to prominent clients in both the private and the public sector, in the Czech Republic and abroad. A separate line of activity is legal consultancy to Czech companies who intend to expand to the CIS markets (Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) and also foreign companies that plan to expand their business activities to the Czech Republic. 

The market of the CIS region, constituting a consumption potential of 278 million citizens and very tight economic and legal ties to surrounding states, represents a certain challenge for those companies that are prepared to diversify to new markets even at this difficult time. JELÍNEK & Partners is one of the few law firms in the Czech Republic that provides professional legal assistance in the implementation of corporate investments in the CIS region. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of the legislation, economic and entrepreneurial environment pertaining to this region, we are able to facilitate our clients’ access to foreign markets. In representing our clients our lawyers provide professional and comprehensive legal solutions to their international transactions (together with innovative approaches).

The law firm has close work-related contacts with many large foreign law firms and it is from these connections that it draws international experience and contacts, which enables it to participate in international transactions effected all over the world and to support the international development of its clients. In providing legal services, our team of lawyers can communicate in Czech, Russian, English, German and several other languages. It not only works on preparing corporate strategies, but also on setting the mechanisms applicable to the terms and conditions of their realisation.

Thanks to a most advanced knowledge of the aspects of the legal orders of CIS countries, JELÍNEK & Partners has participated in the implementation of the many investment projects of both domestic and international companies and in so doing it has won the invaluable trust of its clients. Since the legal team of JELÍNEK & Partners has constantly demonstrated that the legal services and consultancy it provides are of the very best, the law firm became a member of The International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates, with its headquarters in Moscow, in 2013. It is the first and only law firm from the Czech Republic to have achieved this.


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