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  • JUDr. Pavel Jelínek, Ph.D.

    JUDr. Pavel Jelínek, Ph.D.JUDr. Pavel Jelínek, Ph.D.
  • JUDr. Tereza Jelínková

    JUDr. Tereza JelínkováJUDr. Tereza Jelínková
  • Mgr. Dana Libochowitzová

    Mgr. Dana LibochowitzováMgr. Dana Libochowitzová
  • Mgr. Petra Marková

    Mgr. Petra MarkováMgr. Petra Marková
  • Mgr. Hedvika Vítková

    Mgr. Hedvika VítkováMgr. Hedvika Vítková
  • Mgr. Simona Votřelová

    Mgr. Simona VotřelováMgr. Simona Votřelová
  • Mgr. Lucie Mokrenová

    Mgr. Lucie MokrenováMgr. Lucie Mokrenová
  • Mgr. et Bc. Filip Losert

    Mgr. et Bc. Filip LosertMgr. et Bc. Filip Losert
  • Mgr. Nikola Senetová

    Mgr. Nikola SenetováMgr. Nikola Senetová
  • Mgr. Lucie Šimková

    Mgr. Lucie ŠimkováMgr. Lucie Šimková
  • Mgr. Vilém Meduna

    Mgr. Vilém MedunaMgr. Vilém Meduna
  • Věra Kmoníčková

    Věra KmoníčkováVěra Kmoníčková
  • Jana Beranová

    Jana BeranováJana Beranová
  • Bc. Iva Jarkovská

    Bc. Iva JarkovskáBc. Iva Jarkovská
  • Jana Kaplanová

Business Law

Enforcement of monetary claims, including bill receivables Business obligations, International Trade Law Drawing up of regular sales contracts and all other types of contracts (contract for work, loan contracts, settlement agreements, etc.) Foundation and transformation of business corporations, company group law, mergers and acquisitions Foundation of offshore companies Liquidation of business corporations Right to protect the company name, economic competition, protection against unfair competition Trade Law Public contracts Patents and trade marks Internet Law

Civil Law

Civil obligations Drawing up and preparing documents for property transfer(s) Drawing up of regular sales contracts and all other types of contracts (contract for work, loan contracts, settlement agreements, etc.) Enforcement of monetary claims Law of Inheritance Social and Pension Law Housing and Cooperative Law Property development projects Copyright Law Insurance Law Compensation for damage Insolvency Sports Law

Criminal and Constitutional Law

Defence in criminal proceedings Representation of innocent parties in criminal proceedings, enforcing compensation for innocent parties and survivors Enforcing compensation for damage from the state Representation before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic Constitutional complaints

Administrative and Administrative Infractions Law

Representation in administrative procedures Traffic accidents Building Law; public support Environmental and Waste Management Law

Healthcare Law

Transfer (transformation) of medical practices (turnkey) Private practitioners and healthcare facilities (state and private)

Employment Law

Contractual administration of employment relationships Comprehensive protection of employers and employees Negotiations with trade unions Employee compensation for damage caused by injury

Family Law

Representation in divorce and guardianship proceedings Maintenance and support Settlement of property Drawing up of comprehensive agreements

Public contracts

Client representation during all phases of the award procedure Administration of award procedures for territorial self-governing units Public contracts financed through EU subsidies, public contracts for social services Preparation of tender and contractual documentation Assistance during the opening of tenders and the evaluation of the tenders Processing tenderers' objections Representation in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition and before courts Legal consultancy to public, subsidised and sector clients Assistance to tenderers in preparing tenders, checking tenders with respect to legal requirements Legal analysis of the application and interpretation of the Act on Public Procurement Subsidy consultancy

all services

JELÍNEK & Partneři s.r.o. is the largest law firm in the Pardubice Region and it has been providing legal services for more than 20 years. The years of experience and the diverse practise of prominent lawyer JUDr. Pavel Jelínek, Ph.D., have formed the basis of our law firm. It smoothly picked up on his long-standing and highly professional legal practise and life experience in the form of a limited liability company and it has four partners. JELÍNEK & Partners is a strong law firm with a stable base in the East Bohemian Region and it is dedicated to sustained development not only when it comes to legal matters, but also personnel-related matters. 


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